About us

klar,Text! came together as a group in 2016 to organize a reading and a hip hop concert. From the beginning we were aiming to bring artists on the stage who identify themselves as WLTI*Q (women*/lesbian/trans*/inter*/queer). For this event we invited the artists FaulenzA, Lena Stöhrfaktor and Presslufthannah, who speak from various perspectives (for example as a trans* person). Following that event we became the critics, that it were only white artists, performing hip hop. In our group we wanted to take that critic seriously and reflecting on the issues of cultural appropriation in hip hop. Also we reflected that disregarding the genre of the music, stages were mostly played by white artists and how we can take consequences for us.

We think, it's necessary that feminist issues get more space in the leftist cultural scene and we want to continue our work as a event planning collective. The critics we got for our first event are going to be used in a constructive way and we want to consider racism as well as other forms of discrimination in our further event plannings. 

Are curious and want to join our group? Do you want to support us financially? Or do you like to share some ideas and/or critics? Just write us!